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Trading of Palm Kernel Expeller

Kyoto specializes in the trade of PKE in the local and international market and is explained thoroughly through our sub-pages in this website.

Aggregator of Palm Kernel Shell

Kyoto constantly researches on the content of PKS as the quality grades are important to be checked at all times and the continuous grade improvements help customers reach a higher yield in comparison to what they have currently.


Processing/Trading of Palm Kernel

Kyoto has a team of quality control officers who constantly check and improvise on process flows within production and management of the product obtained.

Trading of Grains & Palm Oil

Since Kyoto’s presence in the PKE & PKS industry is strong, we have also ventured into the supplies of grains and palm oil as it is whole-ly related to the palm industry.


Trading of Copra Expeller/Kernels

Kyoto also supplies copra expellers that are a bi-product of pressure application residues arising from oil extraction from copra (coconut flesh). The oil that’s extracted may be used for solvent extraction, palletization and pressure filtration.

Trading of Eco Green Biomass

Supply of eco-green biomass is available for industrial usage and the correct concussion of content is used to attain the ultimate quality required.


Handling of Bulk Cargo

Due to the good trust relationship that we have built amongst our clients, we have set up a independent entity to handle all bulk cargo for our clients. At any time, supplying their product needs with an ease of mind.

Packaging & Screening (PKE)

Packaging and screening of the PKE is essential before the supplies can be sent out of the country. Chemical control and correct packaging to ensure no contaminations arise from the finished product.


Warehouse/Terminal Handling

Before products are transported out of the country, we have set up a warehouse to safely contain and store the products that are en route for delivery.

Vessel Chartering/Operators

In order to ensure movement of goods are smooth and are on time, we provide vessel chartering alongside our agents to ensure products are safely delivered and sent on time.


Shipping Agency Services

To ensure a smoother flow in product movement, our shipping agency handles the customs queries and duty excise to maintain a better costing for our customers.

Total Logistics Solutions

Kyoto has strived hard to ensure clients benefit in every way possible when they become a client of ours. We provide quality products and state of the art logistics solutions to ensure the movements of products are precise, fast and accurate. Let us know on how we may be off assistance to you.